About ZAK

Since the tender age of 4 years old, ZAK has enjoyed doodling, sketching, painting and all things creative. Zak still has a piece from (Summer 1995) that his parents framed of his Orca whale doodle, a mammal that he has a deep connection with and for, almost a spirit animal some would say. The framed picture symbolizes so very much to ZAK, perhaps you can ask him about that story as he’d love to share!

ZAK is a podcaster, digital media and technology entrepreneur who resides in Calgary, Alta, Canada.

Being born in Tanzania, East Africa and migrating with his family to Canada at a young age, ZAK has always enjoyed the escape of painting, drawing and all things arts and craft.

The ARTiful Gallery is an online project website that’s been created by ZAK to showcase his work throughout the years and share some of the emotions through the expressions he feels on canvas, digital and various other mediums.

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