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Abstract art is a genre of art that does not aim to represent reality, but instead seeks to evoke feelings through colours, shapes, and textures. Abstract artists often use their intuition and freedom of expression to create artwork that can be interpreted differently by each viewer. There is not necessarily a solid meaning or narrative behind abstract artwork, but instead the goal is to provide different experiences to each individual. By its very nature, abstract art is open to interpretation and can be a source of enjoyment and contemplation for viewers.

Below is a piece by Zak Hussein, a Canadian-artist that paints his emotions on canvas through acrylic, spray and oil.

Art piece by Zak Hussein of Calgary, Alta, Canada | ARTiful Gallery

Abstract paintings are often seen as enigmatic and mysterious, raising more questions than they answer. What does this swirl of colours mean? What is the story behind this collection of shapes? While it is true that there is not necessarily a solid meaning or narrative for what an abstract painting aims to convey, that does not mean that the artwork is without purpose. Instead, abstract paintings offer a unique opportunity for each viewer to create their own interpretation and find their own meaning.

In a sense, the viewer becomes a co-creator of the artwork, piecing together their own narrative from the disparate elements. This can be an immensely satisfying experience, as it allows viewers to connect with the artwork on a personal level. Whether it is interpreting the hidden emotions of the artist or simply finding beauty in the chaos, there is no wrong way to experience an abstract painting.

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