Calgary Abstract Artist | ZAK

ZAK is a talented artist from Calgary, Alberta. His work focuses on emotion, and draws inspiration from abstract art and contemporary art styles. He produces beautiful pieces that capture the essence of the human experience and connect with viewers on an emotional level. Whether you are a collector looking for something to add to your collection or an admirer of ZAK, please do reach out to ZAK as he is always interested in sharing the stories of his work and why they hold dear emotions to him through each brush stroke of painting.


Artwork by ZAK, a Calgary-based artist |

ZAK has lived in Calgary, Alta, Canada from an early age after moving from Tanzania, East Africa with his family at an early age. The change in scenery and cultures had a profound effect on him, which is evident in his work. The colours, patterns, and shapes in his paintings are all influenced by the African culture he was exposed to as a child. His work often includes elements of nature, such as animals or landscapes, as he feels a deep connection to the earth and its heritage.