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ARTiful to track abstract art provenance using NFC tags and blockchain registry

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A Canadian technology project is creating a blockchain-based registry with ARTiful Gallery for original art and using NFC tags attached to the works themselves to link the physical items to their digital identities.

The project says it aims to provide unparalleled provenance tracking capabilities to artists, collectors, dealers, and other institutions by assigning a unique, tamper-evident, and secure identity to physical works of art.

The project’s smart supply chain team which provides artists with starter kits containing two NFC-based certificates of authenticity for $50 CAD. Users can then register new artwork in the platform and stick on the tags to prove it was made legally without any need or hassle!


The project’s technology allows anyone to interact with an artwork by scanning it.

The resulting data is then publicly registered, giving the viewer access not only personal information about the artist but also historical context for each piece they’ve created in order date back as far at possible while still maintaining its original integrity.

This passage gives insight into how artists are able present their work within this new technological age.

“The physical-digital link secured on both ends is truly a game-changer for artists and institutions,” says the project leads. “Now a physical artwork can have a single, trusted identity that stays with it for life.”

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